assofyouandme (assofyouandme) wrote in bearspanking,

Spanking and Flogging Workshop in Toronto

So... for those of you into the Leather / BDSM scene, an annoucement:

The Black Eagle and Mr. Black Eagle 2007 present "Leather Lab" a new series of workshops to be presented at the Black Eagle to arouse, educate and inform people about general and specific topics related to Leather and BDSM.

The first workshop on the books is "Introduction to Percussion Play - Spanking, Flogging, etc." and is being taught by scottybear with yours truly as his spanking bottom.

Where: The Black Eagle (on Church Street)
When: Saturday, February 10th, 2007
Time: 200pm to 500pm
Cost: $10, with proceeds going to the Hassle Free Clinic

This workshop will cover:
a) General considerations in Percussion Play - psychological, physical, safety, where to hit and not, etc.
b) Spanking - the basics, and some thoughts on making a good "scene"
c) Flogging - the basics of the implements, materials, and basic strokes used.

If you want to come out, you would be MORE than welcome - both men and women are very welcome, but space is limited.
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