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Toronto Spanking Party

Why had Joey let him do it? Arthur had taken his young office mate up to his remote cabin for a fishing weekend, seeing something of his own untamed, joyous youth in the 24 year-old's mischievous eyes. But the kid Arthur was so happy to kid around with at the office had been annoying and irresponsible all weekend long. It's not that he wasn't good company, but he had managed to spill one of their campfire meals on the ground; he'd forgotten to cover the woodpile at night and let the rain get it. And then, worst of all, he had ignored Arthur's warnings and brought the canoe into shore too fast, gouging the side of Arthur's most cherished possession against the rocks.

Arthur had been beside himself and Joey, to his credit, had been miserable and contrite. And when Arthur had shouted, "Goddamit, boy! If I had my way, you'd be bent over that log bareass for a meeting with my belt!" the young man had wordlessly stripped naked and put himself in position.

They didn't talk about the incident later, nor the obvious signs of excitement they had both displayed during the punishment. But why had Joey let him do it? And why was he on his way over to Arthur's house again tonight?


Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Location: The Club Toronto, 231 Mutual Street, Toronto, fourth floor

Cost: $10 CDN for a locker at the door + $10 CDN for entrance to the party ($5 for students/seniors)

Time: 7:30 - midnight

Refreshments, spanking videos to watch, space for public and private scenes, friendly atmosphere for novices or the well-experienced.

Bring friends. Bring toys and videos.

Please post any questions you may have.

It's back to school month and that means a lot roasted rumps at our elite private school, especially in the dorms after dark! Hee hee. If you haven't joined us in a while, we miss you. If you're a regular, we'd hate to miss you. If you're a newbie... get your ass over here! We'll treat you right.
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