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Toronto Spanking Party January 30

He was circling and circling at the bathhouse. Sure, he'd received some interested looks and a couple of inquisitive gropes, but somehow it wasn't... it just wasn't what he needed tonight. Then he heard it. It echoed in the air through the ubiquitous dance music: a sharp "SLAP!" He stopped where he was and listened again. SLAP! Flesh on flesh. Or, more precisely, hand on ass. Yes, he knew that sound. It brought back old, almost primal memories. And then it wasn't just one or two random smacks. Suddenly the sweaty air of the bath was filled with the rhythmic sound, echoing loud and clear through his growing fog of lust.

He began to circle the halls, using his ears and his heart to find the source. As he drew closer, he could hear more than just the smacks on a fleshy rear, he could hear the wild moans and pleas of the victim. Hypnotized, aroused beyond belief, he found himself outside a door, hand under his towel, living vicariously through the bottom's blissful agony. Suddenly, the sound stopped. He held his breath. The door flew open and the big man snarled at him: "Get in here!"


Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Location: The Club Toronto, 231 Mutual Street, Toronto, fourth floor

Cost: $10 CDN for a locker at the door + $10 CDN for entrance to the party ($5 for students/seniors)

Time: 7:30 - midnight

Refreshments, spanking videos to watch, space for public and private scenes, friendly atmosphere for novices or the well-experienced.

Bring friends. Bring toys and videos.

Please e-mail me and let me know if you can make it and if you have questions or need directions.

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