youngbuckbear (youngbuckbear) wrote in bearspanking,

A Water(Or is it Wood)Shed moment.

Hey all,

Wanted to tell you some news. A couple of days ago, I managed to pull off one heck of a coup.

I was speaking to Daddy Howard, of fame, through yahoo IM a few days ago. He saw my profile, and said he would like to "spank me to tears." I told him that if he didnt have plans this Memorial Day, he may get the chance! My Daddys and I are having a leather/bear play party in Delaware, and I told him that he was invited! He seemed pleasantly surprised, but I still wasn't sure if anything would come of it.

Well, yesterday, I recieved an email about his flight and hotel info. He is flying from San Francisco to DC, then driving to Delaware to come to the party to spank MY little butt! (And anyone else up for it) He told me that I will be the youngest man he has ever spanked (19) and that he's glad it will be me. How cool is that!

You seriously cannot get more "bear" and "spanking" then Daddy Howard. Can't ait till Memorial Day!

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